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I got so unbelievably annoyed with year 10s who didn't hand in their homework. Or who handed it in done by a translator online. One was shocked I can tell "because everyone told me that's a really good one miss". Perhapes it was the subjunctive that I've not taught you along with oher random bits of grammar that you don't know, or maybe just the really bad way it translated "A-levels" as "un niveaux" (literally a - as in one- levels). FAIL!!!!

I almost screamed as I walked in the door to our building this evening. It was pitch black and right behind the door was a man seemingly just standing there. I might have made some kind of sound atually, because I remember him apologising for being in the dark behind the door. Turned out he was there investigating with a torch because there was some box bleeping behind the door and a power cut. I had to explain (took a while, his English was poor) that the box was an alarm so was beeping not because it was related to the power cut but because it didn't like not having power and wanted to make sure people knew it didn't have power.

An evening long power cut was a pretty good excuse to myself for not marking year 7 books. I read a litle by candle light as thankfully I was not short on candles, and then go an early night. the power came on just as my mum replied to my "we have a power cut" message to ask if it was still out. Weird!
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