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([personal profile] veerkite Jan. 4th, 2009 02:58 pm)
I'd like to say this is what happened while I waited in for the Asda man, but he turned up at 12:01 of a 12:00-14:00 slot so it would be lying. This is the extension of all the animals I was drawing yesterday.

I wanted to draw this cow on A4 paper and do something with it.

Cow started off life as lots of boxes to get the proportions roughly right and get it in the right place on the paper.

Then cow got a bit of an outline.

Then cow got a proper shape and detail.

Then I went to WH Smith because I ran out my fineliner yesterday, so I got back and cow got finelined. As you can see I have been putting my KS3 Strategy Modern Languages Framework to good use as a drawing board...

Then cow got a bit of colour with my new colouring pencils, also purchased from WH Smith.

And finally, cow got lyrics, namely these lyrics by the Arrogant Worms to this song.


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